Our Campus

Explore some of the resources available at Brigham Young University to past, current, and prospective Native American students.

American Indian Studies Minor

Explore the various course requirements for the BYU American Indian Studies minor including history and research classes.

Tribe of Many Feathers

Join an official BYU sponsored club that promotes an awareness and appreciation for all diverse cultures and heritages.

Multicultural Student Services

Assist in developing an environment of “fellow citizenry” on BYU campus where multiculturalism can take root and flourish.

SOAR Summer Program

Attend one of the five-day summer program sessions in preparation for admissions and academic success as a future student at BYU.

BYU Native American Alumni Chapter

Participate in connecting BYU Native American Alumni together with students, other alumni, and enlarging the Spirit of Brigham Young University.

Living Legends

Watch the BYU performing group who contributes to the heritage and fascinating stories of Native American people though costumes and dance.

Native American Indian Initiative

Traverse the academic and financial resources available through and outside of BYU to current and prospective American Indian students.

Harold Cedartree Pow Wow

Engage in a two-day celebration of Native culture that honors the life and legacy of its namesake, Harold A. Cedartree.

Native American Studies Research Guide

Dig into a research guide created through BYU’s Harold B. Lee library to help people’s research of Native American and Indigenous studies.